Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Melvin Brown and the Bodies...

Back in 2007, Kevin Randle wrote a good post on the story of Melvin Brown, who was stationed at Roswell in 1947, and who claimed to have seen a number of unusual-looking bodies following the infamous event.

You can find the article here.

But there's something else about Brown's story that doesn't get too much publicity. In 1988, UFO author Tim Good interviewed one of Brown's daughters - Beverly Bean - about the things her father had told the family of a Roswell nature.

In Bean's own words, Melvin Brown had said that the bodies he saw, and that were recovered from the July 1947 crash-site, had large heads, but "could have passed for Chinese."

In other words, they were not the spindly, insect-looking Grays, nor were they diabolical Reptilians, or kindly Space-Brothers.

In fact, to say that they could have "passed for Chinese" is a statement that leaves very little - if, indeed, any - room for misinterpretation. It suggests they looked very, very human.

Given the allegations about a Japanese connection to Roswell, and given that this same Japanese connection has a link to Japan's notorious Unit 731 and experiments undertaken on Chinese people, maybe we have a clue in Brown's words as to what really took place.

And, maybe, those bodies weren't alien after all.

For further information, see: Alien Liaison, by Tim Good, Century, 1991.

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alanborky said...

Again Nick I find it harder and harder to understand why little yellow men weren't japanned to the Roswell story from day one but don't you find it a tweaky bit odd this guy whose military were involved in a war with a nation they'd felt justified in nuking thinks the weird bodies he witnesses "could have passed for Chinese"?


One lickle quibble though over your observation "passed for Chinese" leaves little if indeed any room for doubting they looked very, very human.

For some odd reason I've always been in love with the Japanese but I'm related to a certain Scouse family who's dad/grandad was in Changi and while they were sober they were fine but the moment some of them started drinking and someone even remotely sinoid happened to wander in the bar...whew!

My point being I personally'd need to be clear what was meant by 'Chinese' especially if the comment came from someone raised in times far less pc than the present.