Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Roswell, Stalin & MJ12: A Thickening Plot

Further to my post of yesterday regarding Annie Jacobsen's new book, Area 51, there's another bit of data worth reporting on that also has a bearing on the story discussed in her book that has provoked so much controversy in the last few days - namely, that Roswell was a Cold War op initiated by Soviet Premier Josef Stalin and designed to cause "alien invasion"-based hysteria in the U.S.

This additional piece of data comes via the notorious MJ12 documents. I'm not talking about the original documents (the Eisenhower Briefing Document and the Truman memo) that first publicly surfaced in Tim Good's 1987 book, Above Top Secret, and that shortly afterwards surfaced just about here, there and everywhere.

Rather, I'm talking about the even more controversial collection that came to researchers Dr. Robert Wood and Ryan Wood via UFO researcher Timothy Cooper in the mid-to-late-1990s.

There seem to be four prevailing theories regarding the Cooper documents: (a) that they are the real thing (unlikely); (b) that they are government disinformation (not impossible); (c) that they are the work of someone in the public UFO arena acting alone, and who - by creating the documents - was intent on helping to champion Roswell as an alien event (interesting and plausible); and (d) that they were still the work of someone within Ufology, but who was getting the data for inclusion in the documents from old-timers who wanted to spill the beans, but in a fashion that would not come back and haunt them and provoke a government-driven backlash.

Frankly, I'm not sure where I stand on all this, beyond stating that I don't believe the documents to be authentic, original documents. I have seen some intriguing testimony that suggests the creator of the documents may have been privy to startling insider data on UFOs, and duly used this to weave the documents for their own somewhat obscure reasons. And that's something to bear in mind as we now we come to the main part of the story.

Of the near-Aladdin's Cave of documents that Cooper had in his possession, one is a highly-controversial (for its spelling errors, several date formats used throughout the document, and more) paper titled Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit Summary of 1947.

As you might guess by its title and date, the IPU summary describes the events that have come to be known collectively as the Roswell Incident. It provides names, dates, places and events that tell an extraordinary story - and it's a story that some support, many dismiss as outright fabrication, and even more have forgotten, 15-years after the files surfaced.

But, there's one very intriguing entry in the document. It appears in the last-but-one paragraph of the IPU report, and is presented as, essentially, the tentative conclusions of officialdom regarding what did, or did not, come down outside of Roswell in 1947.

It states:

"Our assessment of this investigation rests on two assumptions: 1) Either this discovery was an elaborate and well orchestrated hoax (maybe by the Russians), or; 2) Our country has played host to beings from another planet."

As I mentioned, the Cooper collection of MJ12 material is as intriguing as it is controversial. But, I do find it very thought-provoking that (regardless of who wrote or created the documents, and for whatever purpose - obscure or otherwise) the IPU document suggested that U.S. authorities had allegedly addressed the idea that the Roswell event was borne out of a "well orchestrated hoax (maybe by the Russians)."

This is, of course, all very relevant to the story told to Annie Jacobsen, and cited in her Area 51 book. Did her source seen the IPU document at some point? Did her source have access to further files (or testimony) relative to how this determination of a Russian hoax had been made? What was it that prompted the creator of the IPU document to include that particular data on the "Russian hoax" in its pages? Are the MJ12-Cooper files nothing more than fabrications, or is the revelation above indicative of something weirder going on?

I don't know, but I intend to keep digging - very, very deeply...


Frank Stalter said...

I'm sure Jacobsen has some things right, but in this interview she seems to be refuting the established history of the base. The Roswell story, as she says she believes it, has the ship and bodies going from Wright Field to Area 51 in 1951, which is four years before it was developed. The established history is that after the death of Stalin in 1953, Eisenhower felt there was a need for a spy plane to better know what was going on in the USSR. The U-2 was designed and they needed a remote base to test it and that was Area 51, scouted and developed by Kelly Johnson. The Blackbirds, which Johnson also designed, and Stealth followed after.


More on the Kelly Johnson/UFO connection here:


brumac said...

None of the agrees with Corso...whose story is also questioned. It appears that no one has "the truth" although I would assign considerable credibility to the information provided by Schmidt and Carey in WITNESS TO ROSWELL.