Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Roswell: White Hot!

Further to my earlier post of today, there is yet another MJ12 document that has a bearing on the Annie Jacobsen story of a Russian link to Roswell. It can be found within the the 19-page, so-called White Hot Technical Report.

The document (real, disinformation or hoax - one is forced to take one's pick) states:

"There is a good chance that the Russians may try to make use of the flying saucer scare by public news media and diplomatic means of a technological breakthrough in aircraft and missile development. We feel that such a disclosure would most certainly cause great embarrassment to our elected officials and to the military, not to mention the panic felt by the citizenry."

This is interesting, as it clearly suggests the Russians might claim to have developed Flying Saucer-style craft, with the intent of provoking "panic" in the U.S. "citizenry."

Is that what we're seeing in the Jacobsen story? Could matters have really been even more convoluted? Did Stalin essentially "hijack" a genuine UFO event? And was it his intent, after the United States was thrown into a state of hysteria (by alien invasion fears), to ultimately reveal Roswell as something of his (and Josef Mengele's) own making? Could this story get any weirder? Probably, yes it could - and it surely will!

We should also note the following Air Force report of 3 January 1952 (on the subject of flying saucer sightings investigated by the Air Force in the late 1940s and early 1950s) from Brigadier General W.M. Garland to General John A. Samford, Air Force Director of Intelligence makes this point abundantly clear and also touches upon the work of the Horten brothers:

“It is logical to relate the reported sightings to the known development of aircraft, jet propulsion, rockets and range extension capabilities in Germany and the USSR. In this connection, it is to be noted that certain developments by the Germans, particularly the Horten wing, jet propulsion, and refueling, combined with their extensive employment of V-l and V-2 weapons during World War II, lend credence to the possibility that the flying objects may be of German and Russian origin."

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