Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Aeroshell

Roswell authority Kevin Randle discusses an unusual, Flying Saucer-like craft tested at the White Sands Missile Range. It was from White Sands, I was informed, that the balloon-based flights that led to the legend of the events at Roswell, NM in 1947 were launched.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Friday, December 21, 2007

Unit 731, UFOs, the FOIA and the National Security Agency

This is interesting: this link at the official website of the ultra-secret National Security Agency will take you to a section of their site that deals with Freedom of Information Act requests.
As you'll also note, the NSA has titled the section: "UFO Related Information (No Records Exist)."
Notably, it's all listed alphabetically; and if you scroll down to the "U" section you'll see that someone requested information from the NSA on Japan's notorious Unit 731 - whose work formed the crux of my Body Snatchers in the Desert book.
How intriguing that the NSA should list the Unit 731 FOIA request in the "UFO Related Information" section.
Did the requester ask for any documentation that specifically linked Unit 731 with Roswell? And if so, was that the reason why the Unit 731 data was listed on that particular UFO-related web-page by the NSA?
Or, does the NSA have its own reasons, and knowledge, for linking UFOs and Unit 731 under one banner...?

"Alien Worlds" Magazine - Coming Soon With Roswell Revelations...

Alien Worlds magazine is an exciting new venture courtesy of Britain's Stuart Miller (editor of UFO Review). The magazine is a professional, glossy-covered publication that goes on sale in February, on a bi-monthly basis, and in numerous countries. Good job, Stuart!
For more details, click here and here.
In the first issue, you will be able to read a controversial article from me on Body Snatchers in the Desert.
At the website of Alien Worlds, Stuart provides you with a taste of what the article will contain.
In Stuart's own words...

In 2005, when Nick Redfern published Body Snatchers in the Desert, he caused a storm and attracted both praise and abuse – mostly the latter.
Nick presented the theory that what happened at Roswell was nothing to do with an alien space ship crash but everything to do with secret experiments the American army were conducting on experimental nuclear powered aircraft and the human body’s ability to withstand exposure to radiation.
To do this, they used living, deformed and sick prisoners of war captured from the Japanese at the end of WW2 – the “aliens” that so many witnesses claimed to see. That was the big secret of Roswell – the very practices that the Nazis and the Japanese had been condemned for, the Americans were now employing in 1947, and on American soil.
The “problem” for Nick was that his theory made sense, but when you undermine a belief system that has held sway for 60 years, you invite trouble.
Furthermore, his testimony was based on the statements of former intelligence personnel and a Los Alamos employee, who were anonymous, although known to Nick. To back it up, he had little by way of documentary evidence.
In the two years since publication however, much has happened. More people have come forward and documents have begun to surface, all of which go to confirm Nick’s original explanation.
In this in depth, specially written piece, Nick updates us on what has occurred since Body Snatchers first came out and what new evidence has subsequently emerged, as the “alien event” theory gradually recedes into the Roswell tourist landscape and the focus on the reality of America’s post war misdeeds continues to sharpen.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Advanced German Technology: Paradigm Probe reports...

Over at Paradigm Probe, an interesting series of articles can be found on advanced technologies that the Nazis were working on in the closing stages of the Second World War and that may have been inherited by the Allies...