Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Roswell: A Quest for the Truth

Right now, I'm reading a very interesting - and very personalized - book on the events of July 1947: Roswell - A Quest for the Truth, written by John A. Price.

I had actually overlooked the book when it was published back in 1997 (it was recently brought to my attention by a fellow-researcher); however, reading it now reveals some intriguing data that may be of relevance to that which is contained in my own Body Snatchers in the Desert.

For example, on pages 31-32 of the book, Price recalls how, in 1978, and while working as a roofer at Hingerman (a small town southeast of Roswell), he witnessed at one particular home several unusual-looking, deformed children.

In Price's own words, they were around "four and one-half feet tall," "had larger heads;" and "were completely hairless." Also: "...their noses and ears were very small."

Interestingly, he added: "They were the closest I've ever seen who looked alien to me. I knew they were not."

Further on in the book (in a chapter specifically titled Was it Ours?), Price quotes from the letter of a man who advised him that "...the aliens I was looking for were at Fort Stanton."

Fort Stanton, as I have noted previously at this blog - and as I detail in my brand-new Darklore article on Roswell for Greg Taylor - was home during the Second World War to Japanese individuals and, later to physically-handicapped people, too.

The letter-writer added to Price that with respect to Fort Stanton: "...There were some pretty deformed young men there...mongoloid large heads, small ears, pin heads who could function and had shrill voices. They were supposed to be of incest, but from their looks - Outa-space."

Is Price's collective data on this matter of relevance to the data contained within the pages of Body Snatchers in the Desert? Those who support an other-worldly scenario for Roswell would, of course, say "No!"

However, I'm inclined to ask: what are the chances of aliens from some far-off world (with large heads, small ears, and dwarfish bodies) turning up in the same location as human-beings seemingly exhibiting similar characteristics?

Personally, I'd say the chances are slim to zero...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Roswell in Darklore

The new volume of Greg Taylor's Darklore is now available and includes a chapter from me that greatly expands upon the data published in my controversial book, Body Snatchers in the Desert.

Secret Japanese balloon flights; FOIA documents linking Japan's notorious Unit 731 with disturbing events at "Roswell-Central" - Lincoln County, New Mexico; and official files concerning dwarfs used in radiation experiments in the summer of 1947, are just the tip of a large and ever-growing iceberg.

And, here's Greg himself to tell you more:

"Forget that other announcement about an impending book by Dan Whatisname - I've got the goods for you, and you can have it now. That's right, Darklore Volume 3 is now available for sale!

"Hidden history, the paranormal and Forteana, all packed into 316 fascinating pages of fun. As with previous releases, DL3 is available in paperback format, or as a limited edition hardcover, restricted to just 333 copies, for all the collectors out there."

Amazon US Limited Edition Hardcover

Amazon US Paperback

Amazon UK Limited Edition Hardcover

Amazon UK Paperback

"Here's a sampling of the kick-ass content in Volume 3:

"Nick Redfern has some groundbreaking revelations about the Roswell mystery, which suggest that what happened in New Mexico was completely human, and rather nasty to boot. This one is going to cause plenty of controversy!

"Robert Bauval investigates the missing sarcophagus of the Egyptian pharaoh Menkaure.

"Mike Jay takes a look at how the world's most famous fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes, had quite a raging cocaine habit.

"Robert Schoch finds a sacred Egyptian locale which may have provided the setting for the Biblical tale of Moses upon the mountain.

"Theo Paijmans examines the occult roots of Nazi technology.

"Greg Taylor goes in search of near-death experiences, before they were known to the general public.

"The Emperor looks at what may be the greatest sci-fi tale ever told: The Philadelphia Experiment.

"Adam Gorightly digs deep into sordid tales of sex, drugs and UFOs.

"Greg Bishop profiles the 'Magus of Delaware', Mario Pazzaglini.

"Geoff Falla finds interesting connections between earthquakes and meteor reports.

"Blair MacKenzie Blake opens his rare-book collection to give us all a glimpse into the strange circumstances surrounding the legendary 'Varo Edition' of UFO investigator M.K. Jessup's book The Case for the UFO.

"Philip Coppens traces the forgotten (or is that hidden?!) traditions surrounding the star Canopus.

"Michael Tymn tells a tale of archaeology from beyond the grave.

"Neil Arnold goes in search of Dutch monsters in his article 'Neverland in the Netherlands'.

"Once again, it's a great mix of subjects, from some of the best researchers and writers in the field. I'll be posting some free content from DL3 later in the week, just in case you're not convinced by the above.

"I really appreciate the support everyone has shown for Darklore so far (Volume 1 has now sold around 1500 copies), and I'm sure that Volume 3 will give you plenty of enjoyment. Each release we're aiming to be bigger and better, so please don't hesitate to send feedback - good or bad - on what you think of the anthology.

"Lastly, for those who think the cover image is pretty sweet, I'll be posting some desktop wallpaper versions tomorrow for downloading.

"Let's see if we can give that Brown fellow a run for his money in the Amazon rankings (hey, I can dream can't I?)...."

Monday, April 20, 2009

Roswell in "Paranoia"

The latest issue of Paranoia magazine (issue 50, Spring 2009) includes an interesting article from researcher Kathy Kasten titled Demystifying the Myth Called Roswell, and which states in part:

"My research has uncovered the fact that the American Government was testing many different types of aircraft at the time of the Roswell crash; some of it for the purpose of forming the basis for a future space program, and perhaps even one that involved American-Japanese ex-internees from a New Mexico secret detention camp."

Check it out for yet another highly intriguing lead linking Roswell with Japan...