Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cadavers, Experiments and More...

In my book Body Snatchers in the Desert I made a passing reference to a story concerning the alleged transfer to Los Alamos, New Mexico (between 1945 and 1947) of what were rumored to be a number of refrigerated Japanese cadavers used in secret experimentation. Outrageous? Some thought so; but now there's this...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Roswell & Body Snatchers at The Daily Grail

I was interviewed a few days ago by The Daily Grail. In the interview we discussed Roswell, and - in part - here's what I had to say about the 61-year-old case:

"...what I do think is that the more and more time passes, the less chance we have of resolving the older cases. That isn’t being defeatist: it’s just a fact! Look at Roswell: something clearly happened, and I’m personally convinced it was something highly controversial, and probably a down-to-earth event rather than ET.

"But, look at the cold, hard facts: nearly all of the players are dead, the government steadfastly refuses to say it was anything other than Mogul balloons and crash-test-dummies, and we have no official files on the case to suggest otherwise.

"So, short of someone on the inside leaking the goods to us, we are at complete stalemate. So, in a sense, a case like Roswell is obsolete because – no matter how significant it could be in theory – in practice it isn’t going to go anywhere anymore. And loftily demanding that the government 'tell us the truth' is utterly laughable and naive.

"Plus, witness testimony alone for Roswell will never prove ufology’s case: only a corpse or an undeniable old file will do that. I have mentioned to other people that I see Roswell as a ufological Jack the Ripper: everyone has heard of it, it happened a long time ago, there are a lot of theories, everyone is dead (mainly), there are countless books on the subject, but the mystery never gets fully solved and laid to rest. And as more time passes, so does the chance of resolving it."

And here's the rest of the interview.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Roswell Legacy

Well, I just now received in the mail an "advance uncorrected proof" (in Word.doc form) copy of a forthcoming book titled The Roswell Legacy: The Untold Story of the First Military Officer at the 1947 Crash Site, written by Jesse Marcel, Jr., and Linda Marcel, and with a foreword from Stan Friedman.

As the publisher tells me: "In his page-turning, thriller of a non-fiction book, Marcel, Jr. explains the government cover-up and the people involved; backs up his father's knowledge and expertise as an investigator; and portrays other frightening UFO sightings. He ends the book by describing his recent, hair-raising encounter with a high U.S. official who gives the author a glimpse into a Pandora's Box of covertly funded "black government" activities that include hiding the Roswell Incident."

The book isn't actually published until September, so I'm not sure why the publisher has sent me a copy now in Word form. But, hey, I'm not complaining! As soon as time allows, I will digest and review...