Monday, May 12, 2008

Roswell, Body Snatchers and Culture of Contact

Over at my new blog at Culture of Contact (titled Nick Redfern's On Something) you can find a new article from me that lists the three things I hate most of all about Ufology.

Roswell is my Number One.

As I say in the article:

"If Roswell collapsed tomorrow as a UFO event – and I mean conclusively collapsed – would we see widespread shock and dismay from the UFO research community? Yes. Would we see overwhelming disillusionment amongst the ET faithful? I’m certain we would. And would that same ET element suffer massively as a result? Of course! But that’s exactly what happens when you build something up to such a level: when it comes crashing down to earth, the fallout is both widespread and devastating. Yes: rather like the debris field on the Foster Ranch, ironically."

Here's a link to the complete article.

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