Monday, June 23, 2008

Paul Kimball On Why Roswell Was Not ET

Canadian Paul Kimball is a good friend of mine. We agree on some ufological issues and disagree on others. And it's fair to say that when it comes to Roswell, we both agree and disagree. In other words, it a bit of a, ahem, "gray" area...

Basically, we are both in agreement that nothing of an extraterrestrial nature came down at Roswell. However, Paul does not subscribe to the theories - nor does he agree with the testimony - presented within the pages of my Body Snatchers in the Desert.

Nevertheless, and despite our Roswellian differences, Paul makes a good case as to why Roswell was not an ET-related event in a new article titled (what else?!) Why the "Roswell Incident" was not a crashed ET spacecraft.

Commenting on one of the difficult questions for pro-ETHers (namely the issue of why, if Roswell was E.T. in origin, did the aliens not recover the wreckage and bodies before the U.S. military arrived on the scene?) he says:

"...surely they would have moved to recover any crashed excursion module as quickly as possible, a process which, considering the advanced technology that the aliens must possess in order to get 'here' from 'there' is something that they would have accomplished before Mack Brazel discovered the debris field and then altered the military, even if that involved simply disintegrating the debris field so as to leave no trace behind of the crash."

It's a damned good question.

And, of course, there are a number of possibilities. But, to my mind - and Paul's - the reason why aliens did not race to recover the Roswell wreckage before the military was able to get its hand on the material is very simple: the Roswell wreckage wasn't alien.


Paul Kimball said...

Bingo! :-)

Stefanos said...

Its a damned good question, having said that why did they crash in the first place? If you except that ET is fallible then its not unreasonable to assume their retreival capability might equally be flawed.
Consider this... If Apollo 11 had crashed on the Moon, would we have been able to retrieve the Lunar Module? especially if someone came along and scooped it up before we could mount a retrieval operation? Their technology may be greater but they may be travelling greater distances. The possiblities are endless.
Incidentally Nick i think your Book "Body Snatchers" is a possibilty which should not be overlooked in favour of the ETH.

Nick Redfern said...

Thanks for the words and comments Stefanos. I think the big problem with Roswell is not so much what did or didn't happen, but the fact that the more time that passes, and more and more people die-off, the chances of us firmly resolving the case continue to lessen.
Paul's question is a great one - but every day the chances of us answering it get less...and less...and...less.

Stefanos said...

I have to agree with you, from the ETH perspective we've placed to much faith in Roswell and have ceased to be objective, leaning heavily on the overwhelming witness testimony and with the passage of time becoming ever greater. Roswell i fear will remain unsolved yet placed on a perpetual roundabout dragging Ufology with it.

Jeremy said...

Why would they not come back for the wreckage? One possibility--in fact one you must have heard so often I can't believe you didn't address it unless you think it's patently ludicrous--is that it was a staged crash to inject their presence into our world for whatever motive. To see see how we'd react? To say "we're here" without insinuating themselves upon us via open contact? -- Whatever the reason may be.

Nick Redfern said...


Coincidentally, this theory is discussed in the next book I'm working on, which is a study of a Pentagon think-tank that existed in the 80s and 90s and came to that conclusion - that it was a stage-managed "crash."

They, however, took the view that this was a kind of "Trojan Horse" and that it had sinister motivations, rather than a type of showing themselves to us.

The group believed it was to lure us into a false sense of security, and also to mask what the group believed to be their true origins and intent.