Friday, July 11, 2008

Roswell & Body Snatchers at The Daily Grail

I was interviewed a few days ago by The Daily Grail. In the interview we discussed Roswell, and - in part - here's what I had to say about the 61-year-old case:

"...what I do think is that the more and more time passes, the less chance we have of resolving the older cases. That isn’t being defeatist: it’s just a fact! Look at Roswell: something clearly happened, and I’m personally convinced it was something highly controversial, and probably a down-to-earth event rather than ET.

"But, look at the cold, hard facts: nearly all of the players are dead, the government steadfastly refuses to say it was anything other than Mogul balloons and crash-test-dummies, and we have no official files on the case to suggest otherwise.

"So, short of someone on the inside leaking the goods to us, we are at complete stalemate. So, in a sense, a case like Roswell is obsolete because – no matter how significant it could be in theory – in practice it isn’t going to go anywhere anymore. And loftily demanding that the government 'tell us the truth' is utterly laughable and naive.

"Plus, witness testimony alone for Roswell will never prove ufology’s case: only a corpse or an undeniable old file will do that. I have mentioned to other people that I see Roswell as a ufological Jack the Ripper: everyone has heard of it, it happened a long time ago, there are a lot of theories, everyone is dead (mainly), there are countless books on the subject, but the mystery never gets fully solved and laid to rest. And as more time passes, so does the chance of resolving it."

And here's the rest of the interview.


Keith said...

Nick, do you think that most all, perhaps, of the saucer landings and crashes in New Mexico (and elsewhere) from the mid-1940s to mid-1960s might be explained as spectacular aviation blunders, as you've ably argued regarding Roswell? Since this era preceeds the space program, such a scenario seems much more likely than ET visitation.

Nick Redfern said...

Hi Keith
It's very difficult to say. There's no doubt in my mind at all that there is a very real UFO presence amongst us that is NOT human, and that is truly unexplained.
There are enough reports on file to make that very clear.
But the big question is: has that very real unexplained UFO presence crashed to Earth?
I have to say that I think as a UFO event Roswell has a number of red-flags against it.
I'll give you another example: I found new files at the National Archives recently, showing that at the same time as the alleged UFO crash at Kingman, Arizona in 1953, the USAF had test-flown a remotely piloted drone aircraft through an atomic mushrooom cloud - with a crew of monkeys on board, as a comparison test to see how USAF pilots might be affected in a similar scenario if WW3 began.
There are references to other such secret monkey flights at the same time.
Now, it could be argued that we only need one of those prototype test drones (with a crew of monkeys on board) to crash in a desert location, and for there to be some secrecy involved (in this case atomic tests), for rumors to start spreading about secret crashed vehicles, little bodies, and desert locations, etc.
So, I do think we need to look closely at all the data.
For the record, I have never disputed (and am always careful to point this out) the possibility that I was lied to and/or fed official disinformation in my book.
But, there are at least 2 more books coming out on the human-angle of Roswell (neither by me), and I think it will be ultimately seen as a dark experiment. But getting hard evidence is near-impossible, I think.
And I do think it's worth asking: if so many UFOs have crashed, why have the aliens never tried to recover their craft before we get there?
But do I think it's possible there have been UFO crashes? Yes, but I would have to say that I think a lot of the ones I've looked into smell of disinfo, manipulation etc.

Keith said...

Hello Nick,
I read your account of your frightening midnight in Hangar 84, which makes me wonder what secrets the place holds aside from "aliens." When I visited the hangar during the UFO conference last month, the guide mentioned that there is a bunker underneath the hangar, once used to house the Bomb, along with subterranean passageways leading to the homes of various on-base commanders, now all sealed beneath concrete. One man, a Roswell resident and currently enlisted for duty in Iraq, mentioned the possibility of spaces much vaster beneath the old air base. Have you heard such rumors on your jaunts?

Nick Redfern said...

Hi Keith
No, that's one I haven't come across re large underground places at Roswell, but I'll ask around and see if any colleagues have.