Thursday, August 6, 2009

Roswell: A Valid Question

Over at The UFO Iconoclasts, the RRR Group asks a valid question: if the debris, and possibly bodies and craft, recovered outside of Roswell, New Mexico in the summer of 1947 had extra-terrestrial origins, then why did the aliens’ comrades fail to attempt to recover the priceless materials before elements of the U.S. military appeared on the scene?

Of course, if ET did crash, then a number of possibilities do spring to mind:

1. The aliens wanted to introduce themselves to us in the form of a staged-crash, and as vulnerable, mortal beings, to whom we could possibly relate, and without being confronted by infinitely advanced intelligences.

2. The event was the result of some “Trojan Horse” scenario - also staged by the other-worldly ones, but for more sinister purposes - such as attempting to expose us to alien viruses, but in a seemingly innocent and accidental fashion?

3. The aliens, far away from home, may not actually have been too far in advance of us - perhaps a century or so - and simply didn’t have the adequate resources and reserves at-hand to engage in a hasty retrieval.

There is another theory: aliens didn’t try and recover the Roswell wreckage because…what happened at Roswell didn’t involve aliens…


Stephen said...

Hi Nick, If we accept Anthony Bragalia's thoughts regarding Alien life in his latest blog "The Civilized Alien" surely its not unreasonable to accept then that any potential Life form would more than likely share the same characteristic trait of self sacrifice often found exploration?
Although it still remains a possibility, I don't think it can really be considered as a major flaw within the ETH argument.

Nick Redfern said...


I would agree that they could show evidence of self-sacrifice.

However, the main flaw I see in that is this: there's absolutely no doubt that there is a real UFO phenomenon of non-human origin.

But, for as long as UFO sightings have been recorded, that UFO phenomenon has acted in a stealthy fashion, avoided open contact with the Human Race on a large scale, and prefers to remain in the background.

To allow us to grab vital technology that utterly confirms their presence, seems counter-productive to their approach of no open contact, no announcing their presence, etc.