Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Rocket at Roswell?

Just when you thought that there couldn’t be another aspect to the controversy of what did - or did not - happen at Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947, along comes this…

As I state in the article, in part:

“Up until now, however, the story I am about to relate has remained curiously absent from the ufological research field. Why, I do not know; since those who had an awareness of it all those years ago could have easily spilled the beans back then.

“Many readers of this post will be very surprised to learn that, around a decade ago, select portions of a draft-document of questionable origins were made available to a number of UFO researchers across the United States - a document supposedly having been written by (and 'leaked' by) a CIA source known as the 'Blue Boy.' I was not one of those researchers; however, a copy of the draft was made available to me six or seven years ago.

“Highly dubious of its validity, however, I have not highlighted it until now.”

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