Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Polling Roswell

Well, it's interesting to see the results of my poll regarding what the readers of this blog think really happened on the Foster Ranch, Lincoln County, New Mexico in July 1947.

Of the 103 people who voted, 60 were of the opinion that an alien spacecraft plummeted to earth; precisely 1 thought it was a weather-balloon; 12 concluded it was a Mogul balloon; and 30 believed it was a classified device of the military.

Of course, it's incredibly difficult to gauge anything definitive from a poll, and I will be the first to admit that some of the votes in favor of a secret military vehicle having crashed may have been prompted by the simple fact that people who read this blog may be more inclined to share my views than those who check out far more ET-oriented websites and blogs on Roswell.

But, I do find it interesting that while approximately 60 percent of people were of the opinion that aliens met their deaths outside of Roswell, a fairly significant, near-40 percent, held very different views...

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alanborky said...

Nick I don't know if you've read it or not but there's a review of Annie Jacobsen's Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base on The Magonia Blog which touches on her explanation of Roswell being down to Joe Stalin hoaxing the US by packing a state of the art flying saucer with a load o' kids (probably crippled).

Sound familiar?

It also mentions Bob Lazar which I address but here's the bit covering Body Snatchers:

"Engineers're by definition the physical analogues of computer programmers ie they tell themselves a story...'if I put these types of wings here and this type of engine here...etc etc etc...then this thing should work...'

"But when it doesn't then like programmers they have to keep changing the details in their narrative until things finally work the way they're supposed to ie they essentially back-engineer themselves.

"But since in an environment like Area 51 everything's on a need to know basis they can't resist spotting all the little clues concerning what everyone else's getting up to and coming up with similar but obviously more speculative narratives they may or may not at a later date get a chance to polish up with further data.

"If anything then the Stalin Roswell story's evidence others witnessed something precisely similar to Nick Redfern's sources for BODY SNATCHERS IN THE DESERT interpreting that information however according to their own possibly political and technological predilections.

"But since the Stalin narrative's far more demanding in how much it requires us to suspend our disbelief (eg Stalin inadvertently handed the US the opportunity to back-engineer Soviet anti-gravity) if anything it strengthens Nick's rather more mundane case."

I merely add here Nick even if you're totally correct I still strongly suspect SOMETHING's sprinkled moonlight and fairy dust on Roswell for IT's own incomprehensible purposes.

In which case no matter how much proof you adduce Roswell'll always do a Proteus on you at the last moment and elude your grasp by morphing into something else.

...a bit like the stories about Gilgamesh/Herakles/Padmasambhava Odysseus Arthur...or in this case the ARK or the ARGo.

If nothing else though 'Stalin Hoax' suggests you're making some headway on your own terms!