Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Roswell: A Quest for the Truth

Right now, I'm reading a very interesting - and very personalized - book on the events of July 1947: Roswell - A Quest for the Truth, written by John A. Price.

I had actually overlooked the book when it was published back in 1997 (it was recently brought to my attention by a fellow-researcher); however, reading it now reveals some intriguing data that may be of relevance to that which is contained in my own Body Snatchers in the Desert.

For example, on pages 31-32 of the book, Price recalls how, in 1978, and while working as a roofer at Hingerman (a small town southeast of Roswell), he witnessed at one particular home several unusual-looking, deformed children.

In Price's own words, they were around "four and one-half feet tall," "had larger heads;" and "were completely hairless." Also: "...their noses and ears were very small."

Interestingly, he added: "They were the closest I've ever seen who looked alien to me. I knew they were not."

Further on in the book (in a chapter specifically titled Was it Ours?), Price quotes from the letter of a man who advised him that "...the aliens I was looking for were at Fort Stanton."

Fort Stanton, as I have noted previously at this blog - and as I detail in my brand-new Darklore article on Roswell for Greg Taylor - was home during the Second World War to Japanese individuals and, later to physically-handicapped people, too.

The letter-writer added to Price that with respect to Fort Stanton: "...There were some pretty deformed young men there...mongoloid large heads, small ears, pin heads who could function and had shrill voices. They were supposed to be of incest, but from their looks - Outa-space."

Is Price's collective data on this matter of relevance to the data contained within the pages of Body Snatchers in the Desert? Those who support an other-worldly scenario for Roswell would, of course, say "No!"

However, I'm inclined to ask: what are the chances of aliens from some far-off world (with large heads, small ears, and dwarfish bodies) turning up in the same location as human-beings seemingly exhibiting similar characteristics?

Personally, I'd say the chances are slim to zero...

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